31. December 2015


Atlantic Lumpus AS are a norwegian company raising “rognkjeks” (Cyclopterus Lumpus) as a cleaning fish for the salmon fish farming industry. “Rognkjeks” have in trials demonstrated to have an excellent ability to de-louse fish farmed salmon. It is robust, has a great appetite for lice, a low mortality rate and can tolerate a large span of sea temperatures.

One of the most challenging aspects of salmon farming today, is salmon lice. (Lepeophtheirus salmonis) Todays methods of dealing with the problem involves the use of chemical therapy, a medical treatment which induces unnecessary stress in the salmon, as well as raising the cost of raising each kilo/pound of fish. In addition to this, the development of resistent bacteria is an increasingly serious problem.

In salmon fish farming the demand for environmental production methods are steadily increasing. The use of “rognkjeks” as a biological de-lousing agent will therefore have great advantages for those who wish to document environmental and sustainable production methods. We work with nature, rather than against it.

Would you like to know more about us? Please don’t hesitate to contact Managing Director Dan Kristian Larssen via telephone +47 466 83 812, or send an email to larssen@atlanticlumpus.no. You can also use our direct email form here.